Thursday, March 30

Residents of Kololi, Kotu express dismay over rampant drug abuse

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By: Binta Jaiteh

Residents of Kololi and Kotu have expressed dismay over attacks and rampant involvement of youths in drug abuse and urged the Government to address the matter with urgency.

A dialogue organized by the residents of Kololi and Kotu in partnership with Future in Our Hands (FIOH), invited the police, anti-crime, and immigration to discuss the rising crime rate and rampant drug abuses within the vicinity of Kololi Tavan. 

The people in these residences accused the government of failure to regulate nightclubs and the absence of regular security patrol in the area.

Speaking at the dialogue, Adeyemi Soretine, The Principal of Apple Tree, said his school has experienced a series of attacks which include breaking and on some occasions, bandits will enter the school and forcefully take bangles from students and escape with them.

On behalf of Serekunda West NAM, Hon. Asssan Touray, The National Assembly member for Bakau, also said the government and its stakeholders should look into the root causes of rampant drug abuse and crime rates in the country, try to address those issues, and finding out ways to mitigate the situation.

Ousman Corr, RSM the Kotu anti-crime commander expressed frustration over the vilification of no-nonsense police officers like him, saying they are playing a huge role in the country’s recent security challenges.

“We have a big problem in this country every serious officer doing his best to deal with these criminals. When I was first posted here, I was very strict but people will go to the NHRC or social media to report our activities because we were blocking their illegal activities,” he argued.