Thursday, February 9

Residents of Makkah Farafenni lament challenges face by villagers

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By Musa O Bah

In the just began Presidential meet the people tour that started on Monday, the residents of Makkah Farafenni on Tuesday lamented the challenges faced by villagers when the president visited the village

In his statement, Chief of Sabach Janla, Babucarr Boye, said the problems they are facing are very hard on them and the entire region.

He said they have only one Fire Rescue Station in the area and they have only one place to fetch water for their service.

“Sometimes they have many challenges in doing their work because in some cases when they have an emergency these challenges make it very difficult for them. The distance is 5 kilometers away from Farafenni where they fetch and when there is an emergency before they reach the scene, already the disaster will be done.

“We are urging the government to help us with enough vehicles and places to fetch water,” he pleaded.

Alkalo of Makkah Farafenni, also said they don’t have a health center in their community which is an issue and it is not advantageous to their community. “We are seeking assistance from the Minister of Health, and the government to provide a health center for us because it is very important in every society.”

He further said that their women are farmers but they don’t have cold stores to preserve their products which is another challenge they are facing.

More so, Honourable Hamat Bah, Called on the youth of the country to get up and work to prepare for their future and make their lives easy.

He also said The government can’t assign us to work without giving us the way to work and president Barrow has shown the way for people to work and make it a reality.

Hon Bah also advised Gambians to desist from insults, respect each other and work hard.

HE Adam Barrow promised that he is going to work more than what he did in the country. “I would like to tell Gambians that anything you see is in the hand of Allah. By 2025, I am going to supply electricity for most of the communities in The Gambia.”