Tuesday, March 21

Reveals: GRA Collects above D1.2 Billion in January 2023

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By Marima Minteh

Mr. Yankuba Darboe, Commissioner General Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) has disclosed his institution have collected above D1.2Billion, describing the year 2023.

Report monitor on local Star FM Radio, Mr. Darboe stated that for the past three years, life was difficult for everyone including GRA and the government as well, noting that coming  out of COVID-19  and  entering  into Russia-Ukraine war   has its own challenges  but in this 2023 thing are getting better.

Mr. Darboe, told Star FM Radio from the start of January 2023 to the end his office collected more than D1.2 billion dalasi which he said is promising compared to the previous months and years during the global pandemic.

He pointed out that international trades are improving in term of imports, as freight charges have gone down now; adding that previously importing a container was very difficult for that fact that there was heavy charges levy against it

  “We hope that 2023 things will be really brighter and life comes back to normal,” he said.

Commissioner Darboe also outlined some of the challenges in term of revenue collection as many people engaging in meaningful economic are not forthcoming to pay their taxes despite the law in place.

 He said this year GRA  has identify special unit that will be responsible for knocking  every door to ensure that those collecting rents pay their taxes in default they will face  penalty.

 He said people must pay their tax obligation to enable to have a functional Government.

He also revealed that GRA is doing everything humanely possible to improve it efficiency by digitalizing by introducing the ASYCUYADA world.

He also seized the opportunity to solicit the cooperation of the taxpayers knowing that Gambia is a tax based economy and people must pay their tax obligation at all cost