Friday, March 24

Road accidents claim 79 lives in 8 months

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According to the police record, The Gambia has registered 79 fatalities on road accidents in 681 road accidents from January to August 2022.

Three hundred and eight-three accidents were recorded from January to April with 53 lost lives. Two hundred and ninety-nine road accidents were recorded between May and August.

Lamin King Colley, the commissioner of Police Mobile Traffic, while speaking on QTV State of Affairs Show on Monday, said The Gambia is improving in curbing road accidents due to help from government.

He said the reckless attitude of drivers neglecting the basic parts of the vehicle like wiper, worn out tires, signals, brakes among others contribute immensely to road accidents.

Mr Colley said the police have collected D10,759,600 as fines from default vehicles between January and August.

He reminded his fellow police officers of their primary duty – which is to protect lives and properties, saying all of them should work along that line and to ensure safety on the roads and ensure drivers adhere to traffic rules and regulations to lessen road accidents.