Tuesday, November 29

Road accidents claim over 40 lives within one month – Ma Lamin Sarr

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By: Nyima Sillah

As road accident finally becomes a daily issue in the country, police have been urged to step up efforts to address and curb the issue to salvage people from frequent mourning.

Ma Lamin Sarr, said: “within a month, road accidents have claimed lives of more than 40 people in the country which is very sad and a call for concern. Thus, the police are trying but they should add more effort and control the traffic specifically at night.”

He noted that most of the accidents happen at night. The case of Buffer Zone happened at night and the recent one at Foni was also at night. “All the roads should have checkpoints to monitor these cars and the police should also have a security camera in all the headquarters which I believe will help in mitigating the high rate of road accidents,” he suggested

Ma Nyima Senghore, alluded to this “the recent high rate of road accidents is definitely scary. Some of these drivers are not professional some of them are very rough in driving.  For the truck drivers most of their vehicles don’t even have brakes. All these trucks should be checked and should be registered for limit of goods to carry. They don’t expect to carry goods that are heavier than the machine or the vehicle itself and use the same road with the small cars.”

She said some of the trucks are filled at the port and some of the trucks carry containers from the ports and other heavy loads to the highest capacity and run at full speed.

“Drivers should drive safely because the life you save might be yours. Thus, trucks are causing a lot of accidents lately but drivers should also be careful while driving licence should not be issuing to underage or not qualified to drive people,” Ali Fatty, a driver said.

“This is a national disaster and it is heartbreaking seeing the number of recorded deaths in the country due to road accidents. This calls for a serious national dialogue to know the root cause and also find a solution to the problem,” he added.