Wednesday, February 1

“Rotary Club Is not a Political Organization”  Assistant Governor  |

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By Binta Jaiteh & Mama A Touray

Adel Sock, assistant governor elect of Brusubi rotary club said the club is not a political organization but all rotarians are concern everything of good citizenship.

She said, Ramatoulie Ojikutu Rotaract , and   Omar Jallow have been selected by the members of their  respective Clubs to guide their affairs during the 2021- 2022.

Choosing you to lead your respective clubs is an expression confidence members have    in your leadership.

She said, they believe you to be competent leaders and expect that those qualities will allow you apply your respective club constitutions and bylaws.

She lamented that , the organization is not a charitable Organization, yet its activities exemplify the charity and the sacrifices that one should expect from people who believe that they have a responsibility to help others.

Rotary is not a religious Organization, but it is built on those eternal principles that have served as the moral compass for people throughout the ages.

“We expect that you will inspire your members and help us all to become better Rotarians and it is with this hope that we place the stewardship of your respective clubs in your hands for the next 12 months and gladly and sincerely offer you the right hand of Rotary Fellowship and support as we  serve to change lives” she said

Fatou Bah assistant Governor Banjul club overseeing Brusubi club said , Omar Jallow and Ramatoulie Ojikutu,  have been chosen for membership of the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Brusubi because their  fellow Rotarians believe in them to be a Leader and also the  special field of activity .Because you  have manifest those qualities that will allow you to interpret  and impart the message of Rotary.

She said In these clubs you ,  are the representative of your vocation and we rely on you to enlighten us on any information of educational value pertaining to your professional activities.

Bah added that, at the same time you have become an Ambassador from us to your classification, and we rely on you to carry the principles and ideals of service and to inspire those who share your professional activity.

The community will know and judge Rotary by your embodiment of it in character and service, and we accept you as a member because we know our principles and organization to be safe in your keeping. She said

She further said ,  we also expect you to give us the inspiration that will help us to become better Rotarians and it is with this hope that we invest you with the distinguishing badge of a Rotarian, and gladly offer you the right hand of Rotary Fellowship.

Sana Jaiteh PP Rotary Club of Brusubi said it is the duty of our Rotary club to add new members from time to time. So that we may not only increase our usefulness and influence as a club, but also to extend the spirit of Rotary throughout the community.