Sunday, November 27

Sabach Sanjal NAM suggests allowance increment for low income earners

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Hon. Alagie B. Ceesay, the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Sabach Sanjal Constituency has suggested that allowances for civil servants be increased, citing that the 30% salary increment did not favour the low income earners.

“The 30% increase has only benefited people earning higher salaries and not low income earners,” he stated, and thus suggested for low income earners’ allowances be increased to ensure they are able to cope in these hard times.

Sulayman Saho, the NAM for Central Badibu Constituency, said Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) institutions should be wide spread across rural Gambia.

“Skills are making waves across the globe and The Gambia is no exception, but almost all training centers are based in regions 1 and 2. People in rural areas do not have access to TVET Institutions unless they migrate to the Kombo. They need to be considered and have these institutes in their regions to enhance them and contribute to national development,” he said.

Hon. Saho stated that names of youth and women are used in most cases to lobby for funds, but once the funds are available they (youth and women) are neglected.

He also said that the Ministry of Youth and Sports should be separated because they are two broad areas that should not be managed by one ministry.

He went on to say that the TRRC process should be completed.

“Perpetrators need to be punished in order for reconciliation to take place,” he pointed out.

Hon. Almameh Gibba, the NAM for Foni Kansala Constituency, said people in the rural Gambia hardly get access to quality western education, noting that TVET institutions should be made available to them to ensure they create employment for themselves and others.