Wednesday, November 29

Sabally hails Gambian soldiers, suggests relieving of ECOMIG

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A strong militant of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Momodou Sabally, has stated that one of the first tasks of the new Defence minister should be to talk his boss (President Adama Barrow) about sending away the ECOMIG forces.

He hailed the Gambian army, pointing out that the pride and dignity of military service have been stripped away and the finest of the men and women in uniform are leaving the army in their hundreds.

“They can no longer stand the marginalisation and humiliation being rendered to them by a commander in chief who has shown the whole world that he does not trust his own citizens in uniform. The fact is that our soldiers have been demoted to Boy Scouts wasting away in remote camps; and cleaning the streets for lack of work.”

Gambian soldiers are among the finest in the whole world, he said, adding that they have been trained at home by the best and brightest; and undergone further military training in top-notch military academies around the world from Britain to Turkey; the US, and Pakistan.

Why can’t the government allow them to handle their rightful duties of providing national security?, Sabally queried.