Monday, November 28

Sabally reveals alleged planned ambush by Barrow, NIA on him

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Momodou Sabally, a vital and staunch UDP supporter was speaking at a press conference organised on Sunday.

“I got the information from my insider within NIA and Statehouse that Adama Barrow and Ousman Sowe are planning to ambush Sabally Momodou.”

“Abubakar Jawara, a criminal businessman offered D1,000,000 to each of the rebels selected to ambush Mr. Sabally in their secret meeting held at Abubakar Jawara’s compound.”

According to Mr. Sabally, he has also been receiving threatening audio messages from NPP supporters through WhatsApp groups, adding that one of the second audios sent to him was from NPP’s regional chairman in URR.

“The first audio message released stated that I should not visit any Sarahulleh village in the URR, especially Gambisara, otherwise I would be attacked and physically assaulted.”

“A second audio message released from a man believed to be the NPP’s regional chairman in URR, reconfirmed this message of threat against me; and went on to say that if I visit Gambisara or any other Sarahulleh village in the URR, the youths of that town should assault me because I have been critical and disrespectful of President Barrow and a son of Gambisara, Abubacar Jawara. He actually declared that URR is a no go area for me.”

Sabally added that with all these threats happening, not once did the top officials of the NPP come out to adequately condemn those threats of violence coming from the NPP supporters, nor did the leader of the NPP, President Barrow address his supporters to stop such dangerous statements.

He further stated that he would continue to speak and expose the incompetence and corruption of the Barrow administration.

“I know that I have been a thorn in the flesh of President Barrow and his ministers and close associates. And I will never be cowered down by any threats.”

According to Sabally, he would go to the Police Headquarters today (Monday) to report about the threats.

“Since the police are silent about these obvious threats when they know about them; I will visit their headquarters to file a complaint. I am calling on the IGP to investigate these matters and act accordingly. In the meantime, I am ready to defend myself in any situation. And any person who is foolish enough to be endured to attack me should know that he is doing it at his own peril.”