Thursday, February 9

Sainabou Mbaye & Co discharged & acquitted

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A high court judge in Banjul on Friday discharged and acquitted Sainabou Mbaye and two others after the state prosecutors filed a ‘nolle prosequi before the court.

Saniabou Mbaye, Cherno Mbaye, and Kibilly Dembelly were tried on a charge of manslaughter after their negligence of exposing and locking a two-year baby, the late Muhammed Mbaye in a car leading to his death.

Prior to the discharge and acquittal of the accused persons, Senior State Counsel, Muhammed M.B Sowe informed the court that he was directed by the Attorney General to file an application for the withdrawal of the case which was granted by the presiding judge, Justice Ebriama Jaiteh.

Sainabou Mbaye, Cherno Mbaye, and Kibilly Dembelly were facing criminal charges of manslaughter and negligence.

State investigators alleged that the accused persons in July this year at Brusubi unlawfully and with negligence left Muhammed Mbaye (late now), a two-year-old, locked in the vehicle for four hours and as a result led to his death.