Sunday, May 28

Salieu Jallow pledges food security for West Coast

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Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the young politician, who said he is educated, qualified and honest, urged the people of West Coast to trust him for these qualities and give him their votes.

“If I am elected, one of the things I want to do is waste management. We want to contain the waste and recycle it, and the other thing is to help farmers and the young men and women in horticultural gardening and poultry,” told journalists.

He also stated that he would promote stability and security in the region, saying: “we will work with the security apparatuses to ensure there is security in this region.”

“People are behind me. It is just that they went to work right now,” he said, immediately adding that it is not about numbers but about people voting.

“I have poultry for them and horticultural garden to ensure food security within the region. It is to help them with funding. All they need is funding. I myself I am a farmer. I have my poultry farm and hatchery, which I am currently running. So I am contributing immensely to the people of West Coast.

“There is not much development, because as we have seen last rainy season, the water was disturbing the market and there was nothing that was done to alleviate that suffering. So we are here to make sure there is security, food security and job is created for the young people,” he added as he re-assured his belief that he would win.