Saturday, September 30

Salvation Of This Country Lies In UDP – Momodou Sabally

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By Mustapha Jarju

The National Campaign Manager of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Momodou Sabally, has over the weekend opined that the UDP is the only party that can salvage the Gambia.

He made this statement as the party celebrated its 27th anniversary coupled with the victory celebration of the elected candidates of the party in Mansakonko Area Council, in Kiang Nema.

“We are calling on the people to remain in this party because the future of this country is with the UDP, whether you like it or not that is what will happen, so anyone who loves this country should come

and join the UDP. We would work together to salvage the country,” Sabally told the people of Kiang.

The Gambia as a country, he said, at this stage is like a canoe without a paddle, and “we don’t know where it is moving towards, only God can rescue us.”

Addressing the UDP supporters in Kiang, he reiterated that “UDP is a party for the poor, the elites also a party for the loyalists because those poor and the elites are the ones who are patient and their blood was poured for this party to reach where it is today.”

He continued that the people of Kiang went through some suffering in supporting the UDP and the party will never forget them because a day will come when the UDP government will come to power and “Kiang people will have schools, learn what the people of India learn in their homes until they got jobs in America. So, the youth of Kiang shall learn that here and go and work in the United States of America.”