Monday, December 4

Sami Karantaba Police Post building collapses

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Speaking to this medium a source (name withheld) said: “Finally the Karantaba Police Station has collapsed last night following a heavy rainfall.”

However, the source further said no causality was registered in the incident. “So, fortunately no person has been injured because there were no detainees in the post,” the source said.

Sami is a district of over sixty (60) villages and several villages are on the borderline. But it has no Police Station. The residents depend only on the Karantaba Police Post to get security and report criminal cases.

However, the source further said now police officers at the Karantaba Police Post have nowhere to detain suspects, adding they have to transfer suspects to the Kuntaur Police Station in the Niani District or Bansang Police Station in the Upper Fulladu District, Central River Region south for detention.

Our source added that the Sami Police Post has been in poor condition since 2017; despite that, suspects have been detained in it.

“If people were detained in the police post when it was collapsing, then it would have been a disaster,” the source argued.

Meanwhile, our CRR north source called on the Gambia government through the Ministry of Interior to urgently intervene.