Friday, September 30

Sami urged to support new chief

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Alhagie Ousman Banding Dahaba, a Sami District Council elder has called on people of Sami District to fully support newly reappointed chief Mam Demba Jallow.

Mr. Dahaba, a native of Niani Banni also called on people of the district to support the government of the day.

According to him, the reappointment of Chief Jallow would create unity, bring job opportunities, peace and harmony within the district and also enhance the district’s development.

He added that Chief Jallow deserves the appointment, saying his hard work, dedication and love for the district is immeasurable.

He made the remarks at Jalakoto village when Sami alkalos and supporters gathered to show their solidarity, support and appreciation to Chief Jallow.

He appealed to natives to the district to do away with cast, tribal and other issues that might bring differences among them and focus on things that would bring development to the district.

“Let us unite for the benefit of our people,” he further said, saying: “we are one people and one nation.”