Wednesday, November 29

Sami yet to receive gov’t cooking oil relief package

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According to natives of the district, they only received rice and sugar but were never given their cooking oil.

They said each household was given a ticket indicating the provision of rice, sugar and cooking oil but distributors only gave them rice and sugar and took the tickets from them.

They also said that distributors promised to return and give them their cooking oil but never did.

People of the district expressed disappointment and anger with government for the act, saying they are citizens like other Gambians and deserve to be treated better.

Essa Danso, a native of Tankong Kunda described the act as corruption, saying such acts are the reasons that hold back government’s development.

He called on government to take steps to ensure they receive the cooking oil like other Gambians.

“A democratic government does not segregate its people but treats them fairly and equally,” he stated.