Sunday, December 4

Sanyany Red Cross Link Engaged Community   on A Massive Cleansing Exercise

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By Nicholas Bass

Sanyang Red Cross Link in partnership with Village Development Committee and St. Vincent Senior Secondary School Environmental Society recently organised a massive cleansing exercise in a bid to provide a healthy environment for the community.

Lamin Sonko, Sanyang Red Cross Link leader said that the cleaning exercise was a crusade against airborne diseases that have affected Gambian children

.” Our ancestors developed the attitude of cleaning their environment very early in the morning and this reduced the spread of diseases but in our time today, most of the youths are lazy in cleaning their environment.

However, most of the people in our societies litter the environment which increases the spread of airborne diseases “, he pointed out.

He further urged business owners and pedestrians to control their litter for a healthy environment that will save lives from contaminated food.

He calls on the Sanyang Village Development Committee (SVDC) and Brikama Area Council (BAC) to provide dustbins at strategic locations of the community for a clean environment.

Mansor Darboe, founder of Nyanto Association urged the business owners along the road to buy dustbins to complement the efforts of the village development committee in maintaining a clean environment.
Mariama Darboe, one of the participants from St. Vincent Senior Secondary School environmental club, expressed her joy for being part of the “set-setal “, noting that people should stop littering the environment for it breeds sickness.

Famara Manga, also a participant from Nyanto, stated that a person’s environment defines his/her health which gives daily responsibility to a clean environment for a better Gambia.