Wednesday, September 27


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High Commission praises organisers for ‘great initiative’

The UK Jarra Association football tournament and luncheon sale took place in London Saturday. The event has unique feature because it attracts Gambians from communities back in the Gambia which are traditionally bind in friendly-adversary banters, officially now recognised as joking relationships.  It is mainly between communities who live on opposite banks of the River Gambia, tribes that once had disputes but successfully reconciled in history or even the same community members who brags of having a prouder surname of achievements.

The tournament in London featured Jarra versus Niumi, Baddibu and Sarahulehs. Unfortunate there was no Kiang versus Badibou.


The Sarahuleh football team won the tourney after   some skillful display by their players.

The deputy Head of Mission  Suntou Touray, representing HE Fatou Bensouda commended the UK Jarra Association for a very innovative initiative towards cementing cordial ties between Gambians even outside the country.

“It was an honour for me to do kick off of the opening tournament and doing so I must say that   it is obvious that the Gambia can teach the world a major lesson in honouring and improving community relations, peace building, conflict resolution and prevention which are major areas of study in universities across the world,” he said.

He assured the organisers that the High Commissioner would support encourage and promote such initiatives.He thanked the  chairman the UK Jarra Association Bamba Mass, Secretary General Sulayman Bah, Edi Touray and Ebou Wally for playing an integral role during the football matches.

”On behalf the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Gambia Government and the High Commission, we sincerely commend this landmark event,” Suntou Touray concluded.