Sunday, December 4

SaSS Cosmetology and Skills Academy holds 7th Graduation Ceremony

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By Akitania Nzally

The SaSS Cosmetology and Skills Academy has Friday held its 7th Graduation ceremony at the Penchami Hall of Paradise Suits Hotel, Kololi.

Speaking at the event, Madam Adam Touray Bah, the CEO of the institution congratulated the graduates for their well-deserved certificates stating that they have worked so hard to get to where they are now.

She pointed out that it wasn’t an easy journey for the girls because some were faced with a lot of financial challenges but they were able to pull it through.

Pastor Forbes, a guest speaker also congratulated the graduates, saying they have important qualifications which will be with them for life.

According to him, jobs never last as they could be lost anytime while having a skill and being self-employed as an entrepreneur is a lifetime thing that can earn them money and stability.

He urged them to be diligent in what they do, quoting from the Bible “if you see the person that is diligent in what they do, they would stand before Kings and not before ordinary people”.

Mr David Jeng, speaking at the event said, skills play a very important role in national development, and in this case, these graduates have invested a lot in an important path that will benefit them, their families, and the country as well. Mr. Jeng pointed out that not everyone can be employed and so it is very important to learn a skill that he described as a diamond.

Mr Wasiu Adebayo a guest speaker assured the graduates that they will not regret venturing into skills as it will benefit them a lot, he also made them understand that they will face challenges along the way but should never give up.

He, too, congratulated them on a well-deserved certificate and wished them well in life.

The event was also marked by interesting performances from Bright Star Entertainment, Awa Gambia, and Uchee the Star while the graduates were issued certificates for successful completion of an intensive training program at SaSS Cosmetology and Skills Academy.