Thursday, October 6

Scores Of Commuters Stranded In Farato Amid Drivers’ Strike

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Waiting commuters nearby Farato market on 12th September 2022

Tens of people intending to travel to work or run errands in the Kanifing Municipality and other parts of the West Coast Region are stranded in Farato.

The development came as a sit-down strike by members of the Gambia Transport Union continues.

The commuters in the Kombo South settlement have been standing by the Brikama-Westfield highway as they continue to wait for transport to their intended destination.

The Gambia Transport Union has commenced an indefinite sit-down effective today, until their demands are met.

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The demands include reducing the cost of fuel; the price of toll fees at the Senegambia Bridge; ‘expensive’ mandatory fines on the roads; among others. 

Following the strike announcement by the union, Ministry of Transport informed the public that it is working with the Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) to fully deploy its fleet of buses across the Greater Banjul Area to ease public transport. 

Kerr Fatou saw a Brikama-bound GTSC bus picking up a couple of commuters at the Farato central mosque at 8:30am.

Similarly, some of the stranded commuters intending to travel to the Kanifing Municipality have also been picked up by a Westfield-bound GTSC bus at 10am to their intended destination.

A Westfield-bound GTSC bus picking commuters at Farato central mosque at 10am on 12th September 2022

Despite pick-ups by the two buses, a lot more people remained stranded in the West Coast Region settlement.

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