Tuesday, May 30


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The Gambia national football fan club has announced it cannot send representatives to the Fifa U-20 World Cup because of financial constraints.

Over the last few months the body now recognised as an integral part of the development process of Gambian football, has been staging fundraising drives towards a plan to send its members to cheer the Young Scorpions at the world cup which starts tomorrow in Argentina.

The group was well represented at the last Afcon in Cameroon where the country reached the quarter-finals.


According to Gambia Sports News, yesterday the body issued the following statement on its plan to go to Argentina: “Today after months of trying and working our hearts out, we sadly declare the cancellation of our Road to Argentina campaign. This fan club was founded on ideals, and part of those was to give our full support and commitment to our beloved country.

“The moment The Gambia qualified for the U-20 World Cup our hearts and minds could not allow us to rest. We did everything possible to gather funds, gathering close to a million dalasis but that is not enough. And today we want to tell all of you Gambians, that we have tried our best, but sadly our best is not enough.

“To all the individuals who supported and stood by us from the start, we say a big thank you. We can assure you all that we will never relent as long as we breathe. We will continue trying and pushing, and we are proud to be Gambians and this country means a lot to us.”