Tuesday, January 31

Scorpions Urged Too Bring AFCON Victory Home

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Gambia’s Adama Barrow has taken to social media on Thursday to urge the national football team players to give their best efforts in order to emerge victorious in the upcoming AFCON finals.
“I urge them to put in more efforts and carry the AFCON victory home. They’re up to the task!” the Gambian leader said in a succinct congratulatory message posted on Facebook.
The Scorpions advanced to African Cup of Nations after defeating the Palancas Negras of Angola. The historic win propelled for the first time the senior team into a continental football tournament that continues to capture the minds of millions of fans.
President Barrow said the decisive win by the Scorpions is for ‘Gambia as a whole.’ He then reiterated the support of his government, adding they have made us proud.
In a telephone interview with Freedomnewspaper, Gambia Football Federation (GFF) President, Lamin Kaba Bajo, commended the authorities for the ‘substantiel support’ the Scorpions were provided with.
“Government spent a lot of money during match preparation. In wake of this qualification, we have no doubt the authorities will increase their support so that our meagre resources from FIFA can be ploughed into some other areas ,” he remarked.
Overwhelmed by the victory, GFF boss further stated that it is something the country has been yearning for during these past decades.
He said the players will have the opportunity to sell the image of the country in Cameroon as their performance is what most people will have in mind.
The FA President seized the opportunity to dedicate the qualification to AFCON finals to the football legends while indicating that new generation of footballers continue to stand on their shoulders…
Written by Abdoulie John