Saturday, April 1

Seedy Njie has no Space in Our New Democratic Environment to Preach Peace – Sheriffo Sonko

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By Nyima Sillah

Sheriffo Bayo Sonko, a prominent opposition member has blasted Seedy Njie, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly saying he has no space in the democratic environment to preach for peace due to his history with the former regime. 

“If you and the President pretend or have forgotten about your past invents, we the patriotic Gambians who are the direct victims and still paying the price will never forget. We have lost our loved ones which lead to the registration of our people as refugees in Senegal.”

Sonko claimed that the country is still losing money and is sovereign to Senegal who is now having full access to the State House and is also a Member of the Security Committee in the National Assembly which Compromised on National Security.

“We can justify that because of Seedy Njie, the Gambian people lost the first-ever opportunity to witness the first-ever solid swearing ceremony of their first democratic change of Power of elected President after the Independence and smooth transferring of power from former President Yahya Jammeh to Adama Barrow.”

However, Sonko further claimed that Seedy Njie betrayed the Students Union after the April 2000 Student Demonstration which gave him a chance to be nominated by Former President Yahya Jammeh to serve him as a Nominated Member in the Parliament.

“We have learned from Seedy Njie as an opportunist and without a doubt will betray President Adama Barrow sooner or later if the situation changes like the way he did to the former President Yahya Jammeh. I heard audio that you are more worthy to the President than the rest of the Ex UDP members in NPP but I can tell without the effort, support, and the evil plan of those Opportunists and former UDP members in NPP,” he added 

He concluded that Seedy Njie’s current audio was calculated as his intent to sell himself to the president about the rumor of the appointment of Vice President Position and to spread tribal Politics and conflict within your Party NPP. “I don’t blame you,” he said this is what you did to Ex-President Jammeh during his regime.

“I wondered why it should be you to call Honorable after all the abuses and Human Rights violations you did during the past regime.”