Saturday, December 3

Seedy Njie is a security threat, says Hon Yaya Sanyang

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By BintaJaiteh

Honourable YayaSanyang, National Assembly member for LatrikundaSabiji, has described Honourable Seedy SK Njie, deputy speaker of the National Assembly as a threat to the country’s security, adding that he is not fit and qualified to be the chairperson of the defense and security committee.

He objected to the selection committee who has nominated Seedy Njie as the chairperson of the committee without a thorough investigation before nominating him.

According to him, the report should go back to the committee for thorough scrutiny for people to be well represented in the different committees.

“We should not compromise the integrity of the country all the committee are going toward national processes,” and Seedy Njie has no legal background he is not fit to be in the human rights committee.

“Seedy Njie is a security threat to this country. We should be honest and take issue realistically. This is the committee that has to operate the oversight function of soldiers, police and his affiliation to the government will consider him to do so. Having an independent member for Busumbala who has this verse security experience is the right full person to lead this committee,” he said.

Honourable AssanTouray, National Assembly member for Bakau also said: “I want to thank the standing committee though it is not easy but through the process I made some observations on the Standing Committee on defense and security I have observation that Honourable Seedy SK Njie is not qualified to be the chairperson because I have made my research and made to understand that he has no background in the security sector.

“I felt he is not qualified to be the chairperson of this said committee instead MuhammedKanteh was one time a security personnel and I proposed Kanteh to be selected. Looking also at the foreign affairs committee I observed that Honourable Billay G Tunkara nominated as chairperson and Honourable SaineyJawara as Vice chairperson.”