Sunday, March 26

Seedy Njie tags Top NPP Executives as Hypocrites

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By Kebba Ansu Manneh

The Deputy Spokesperson of the ruling National People’s Party (NPP), Seedy Njie has blasted top executive members of the party and tagged them as hypocrites who have little or no relevance to the survival of the party.

Njie who doubles as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, made this outburst among others in viral audio currently making waves amidst the internal wrangling over the selection of candidates and the soaring partnership between NPP and its so-called coalition members of 2022, Presidential election.

According to him, there is lots of hypocrisy ongoing among the National People’s Party mainly orchestrated by executive members of the party who have not been at rest since he replied to Kebba Jallow Party Leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), arguing he was responding to the statement of PPP Leader who was attacking President Barrow and the NPP at the time on a matter relative to the selection of Mayoral, Chairmanships, and Councilorship elections.

“I know a lot of people will be surprised to witness for the first time that I will make audio but a lot of people have been asking about the press release published in the standard newspaper I think Duo Sanno and lots of others who are educated know that it wasn’t a press release but a news item. Anyone who reads the paper knows that it wasn’t a press release but an audio made and sent to them in response to PPP Leader,” Seedy Clarified.

He added: “Everyone listened to the audios of Kebba Jallow’s remarks directed to our party leader and the NPP so it will be very surprising and disappointing for some people to insinuate or create confusion by pretending that they don’t know what is going on. That audio was released more than a week, I made the audio and personally shared it with The Standard Newspaper for publication even though I refused to share it with other newspapers to avoid making it viral.”

According to him, certain executive members of the NPP are using the moment to portray him negatively to the PPP who are bent on castigating him left, right and center in their efforts to shift all the blames on him, arguing that all National Executive Members knew what went on but because of hypocrisy certain NEC is bent on destroying his image and reputation.

He said the NEC members who are trying very hard to stain his image and reputation are the same people who jump everywhere to tell members not to agree with certain decisions of the President, noting that there is no one among the NEC who acquired his membership of NPP before him as some of them were in UDP, some with APRC, some were dismissed from their positions and parties before they came together to form NPP.

He added that those national executive members ridiculing and smearing his good image to the Gambian people can even mobilize their compound members, families, and villagers to vote for the NPP in the forthcoming Local Government election, prophesizing that NPP will lose to UDP in the compound of certain NEC members as they are not true to the party as him 

“I am proud of what am doing and Dou, as I told you, I will not lie to a leader and I will not cheat him. If you adhere to what I told you guys before, we will not have reach here. I am taking bullets for the President and his NPP. You have never responded to the UDP criticisms against your Party and our leader”, Njie slammed Dou and Co.

The Deputy NPP Spokesman said he and a few other executive members have advocated for the engagement of all their coalition partners including PPP, but Lamin Cham was the first person to ridicule him, arguing that Cham said those parties did not have support in their compound more so in their villages, constituency or region.

“Lamin Cham and Co. have rejected my view of bringing PPP and others on board. It’s the same who will go around telling people that it’s Seedy Njie who has betrayed PPP and others. I will never go out to name people who have disagreed with my view because that’s incompetence, hypocrisy, and insubordination”, he emphatically swore.

The Deputy Spokesperson of NPP continued to express his disappointment regarding a letter drafted to the President by the NPP WCR Regional Chairman, Lamin Jatta, meaning to sow seeds of discord between him and President Adama Barrow, describing the content of Jatta’s letter as all full of lies meant to make the president angry with him lying against him.

“Jatta reported me to President but I swear all that you told him are lies. He neither read nor write but who pushed him to do that,” Seedy Njie, revealed.

He added: “They want to destroy me but they cannot destroy me. He said I gave him an APRC document for him to sign, it’s the lie of the 21st century.” Njie emphasized.