Friday, January 27

Senegal to produce Covid-19 vaccines in the second quarter of 2022

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The work of the steering committee that was formed following the trip of the Head of State to Belgium has just come to an end. At least $16 million has just been raised from partners, including $2 million from the State of Senegal.
This steering committee was composed of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Cooperation as well as the Pasteur Institute and the Ministry of Finance. This steering committee has succeeded after three months of intense work in raising more than 60% of the expected capital. As a reminder, the initially stated need was $10 million and finally $16 million was obtained.

$200 million targeted

The list of First Phase partners and their contributions: For the European Union and EIB (€4.7 million), the IFC of the World Bank ($3.4 million), the DFC of the United States ($3.3 million), the AFD (€1.8 million), and the State of Senegal ($2 million plus the land granted to the Pasteur Institute.

Second Phase: Contribution intentions already look promising

“It should be remembered that other partners such as Germany have announced their contribution for the second phase for 20 million Euros, the European Union for 15 million Euros as well as all the partners present in the first phase and those who are not present as well as other countries, announces Amadou Hott for the next phases 2 and 3 of the project to reach 200 million Euros.”

The steering committee of the production project has committed to make the first deliveries of vaccines in the first quarter of 2022. A production of 300 million vaccines is expected with this programme.