Monday, March 27

Senegalese presence in Foni causes fear to Inhabitants – Hon Sanyang

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By Binta Jaiteh 

Hon Yahya Menteng Sanyang, a lawmaker for Latrikunda Sabiji has argued that the presence of the Senegalese forces in Foni is causing fear to the inhabitants and also making life difficult for the school children which is deterring their educational system.

In an interview with our Reporter, Hon Sanyang said “The frequent attacks and killing of innocent souls is becoming rampant while the government failed to take a tangible step to address the situation of the people of Foni. It is a serious case that Gambians should be worried about.”

He stressed that the status of the security sector reform is still in dilemma and is high time for the Gambians to see the real issues and rescue this country. Adding that, this government will never deliver the needs and aspirations of the Gambians.

He claimed that the Gambia is the least secure country in West Africa as everyone in the country can attest to the frequent murder cases, robbery, mismanagement of funds, price hike, and rampant corruption in the past years. 

“The current situation of the country should not be about politics but to see the progress of the country and forget about partisan politics if not our country still being at the same point after 57 years of independence without any development. 

Meanwhile, he added that the anti-corruption bill is already before the National Assembly members. “Serious efforts are also on the offing to reintroduce the draft constitution that was committed to the cold store by the 5th Legislature. We need sober citizen’s engagement, especially the civil society organizations to constantly remind the NAMs and the executives that the citizens want a new constitution.”

According to him, human rights violations and human abuses are not respected which should be the main priority of the government since Gambians have to endured pain and suffering in the past regime and the citizens say no to dictatorship rule with the slogan ‘’Never Again’’.