Thursday, March 30

Senegalese scholars set for Banjul Islamic Conference

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The conference, organised by Dairatul Habibou Rahman, is slated for Sunday and will take place at the Westfield Monument.

The conference will be spearheaded by a Senegalese scholar Sheikh Ebrahim Jallow, the son of popular Islamic scholar Sheikh Muhhideen Samba Jallow.

The event is expected to host Gambian imams and the leadership of the Supreme Islamic Council.

Bai Mahmud Kebbeh, PRO of Dairatul Habibou Rahman, told this medium that the event marks the first-ever Islamic conference to be led by scholars from the Umbrella of Sheikh Muhideen Samba Jallow.  

He said the objective of the conference is to spread the message of the prophet Muhammad SAW, adding that the theme is ‘Tawhid’ (togetherness). 

“The conference is not designed for a single Islamic group; instead it’s for the Muslim Ummah. We have invited all the religious leaders in the country to share their knowledge in the teachings of Islam on togetherness, understanding and respecting for each other’s views,” he said. 

Mr Kebbeh stated that the President of the Supreme Islamic Council and the Imam Ratib of Banjul are expected to deliver statements.

He added that his group believes that the conference will be impactful and there will be no differences based on the topics of discussion.

Oustaz Ebrahim Njie, head of the Senegalese delegate, explained that the conference had been planned long since the time Sheikh Muhideen was alive and that they have come to fulfil that promise. 

He noted that he came with a high-powered delegation from Senegal that is known in terms of spreading the teachings of Islam. During the conference, he added, they will share how one could fulfil his/her Islamic obligation, promote togetherness and seek Allah’s appreciation.

“If we all know our direction, then there will be no misunderstanding in the Islamic Ummah. One scholar once said that ‘we should help each other with things we all agreed upon’. We agree that there is only one Allah, one Quran, One Prophet Muhammad SAW, one Makkah and one Hiqla,” he explained. 

The Islamic scholar reiterated that some of the issues that contribute to the misunderstanding among scholars are the mindset that anybody who doesn’t align with their thoughts is on the wrong path. He said the Islamic Ummahs need to care for and support each other and preach togetherness. 

“I call for peace between the two countries while calling on the young people to follow their religion, safeguard Islam and follow the teachings,” he advised, saying:  “The parents also have a huge responsibility in guiding their children to follow the teachings of Islam.”