Wednesday, October 27

Senegal’s King of Jailbreak Arrested 4 Days After Escape – Boy Djiné Nabbed in Tambacounda

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Baye Modou Fall, alias “Boy Djiné,” has only enjoyed four days of self-acquired freedom after his spectacular escape from Dakar’s Camp Pénal prison. On Thursday noon, the Senegalese gendarmerie ended the run of the Senegalese recorder holder of jailbreak when it arrested Boy Djiné in the eastern region of Tambacounda, 452 km away from Dakar.

The end of Boy Djiné’s run started on June 3rd, when the Eastern Legion of the Senegalese gendarmerie, Colonel Davy Mané, received a phone call informing him of the presence of Baye Modou Fall alias “Boy Djiné” in Tambacounda.

According to the Senegalese media, Boy Djiné was with three other individuals, two of whom were in a Ford passenger car registered AA-996-BB and a T-Max motorcycle registered CH-1246. Upon getting these detailed indications, the Senegalese security forces established several checkpoints on RN1, RN6, and RN7, three nationals leading to Tambacounda.

On Thursday, the road traffic gendarmerie brigade of Tamba spotted the signaled T-Max motorcycle refueling near Missirah (30 km from Tambacounda on the RN7). The agents arrested Dame Sy, who was riding the motorcycle at the petrol station. Minutes, Cheikh Ndiaye and Abdou Faye, who were driving the Ford car, arrived on the same spot and were arrested.

The gendarmes searched the car and subject the trio to thorough questioning. They admitted that Boy Djiné was indeed in the private vehicle but took it to his heels when he saw the gendarmes.

The gendarmerie legion commander ordering his men to secure the vicinity of Missirah, and it proved fruitful. At 11:44 am, one gendarme saw boy Djiné in the outskirts of Missirah. He was arrested after half a kilometer chase, according to the Senegalese gendarmerie of Tambacounda.

Boy Djiné confessed to the Senegalese security officers that he was fleeing to Mali. He was found in possession of two mobile phones, CFA 184,500 and 400 Gambian dalasis. Dame Sy, riding the motorcycle, had CFA 600,000 and three cell phones, and a gold chain. Abdou Faye Cheikh Ndiaye had each a telephone.

The gendarmes also seized four suitcases and a bag containing clothes, two backpacks, and break-in equipment (two crowbars, two screwdrivers, an HP brand laptop, a woofer, and a lock).