Tuesday, March 28

Senior Without Borders tours school project in Kubuneh

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By Yunus S Saliu

Members of the Kubuneh Danish School and Village Development Project under the Senior Without Borders organization has arrived in the Kubuneh village to visit Kubuneh Basic Cycle School and Kubuneh Skills Center as well places of attraction in the village.

With local management, Senior Without Borders established a school, teaching, workshops, marketplace, and facilities in the village of Kubuneh, in 2020 the State took over the teaching obligation and salary expense of the school, while the organization sticks to the maintenance of the buildings, training of the teachers and further donations from time to time.

Per Mathiesen, the Project Coordinator for the Kubuneh Village Development Project under the Senior Without Borders organization is a retired teacher in Denmark said he got attracted to Kubuneh when he was on holiday in the Smiling Coast of Africa in 2017 while he managed to raise funds to help the construction of the school from foundations.

He noted the organization’s assistance to the school since its inauguration which includes the provision of a water tank for good clean drinking water, modern toilets, solar cells to provide light for the school the charge their electronics and power the computers and lap-tops and network café provided for them by the organization.

More so, he added that they provided them with teaching materials through the use of Danish teachers and trainees while there is a daily guaranteed meal for the school pupils.

Among their other projects for the Kubuneh community is the establishment of a fenced area for growing finer vegetables for the tourist hotels, helping the women oyster farmers.

Ebou I.S. Tamba, the vice principal of Kubuneh Basic Cycle School applauded members of the organization for their endless assistance and for taking the time to visit the school to see their well-being

He lauded the assistance they are getting from the Danes organization and said they are the ones that joined to build the school for the community “and they continue to bring different facilities like modern toilets, kitchen, internet café that the whole community is benefitting from, feeding program and so on to the school for students to enjoy. 

However, we need more structures for the upper basic school we want to extend from grades 9 to 12 but we are not having the support

Kekuta Manneh, the Principal of Kubuneh Basic Cycle School said the school ranges from ECD to lower basic school combined with a population of 806 students while females formed a greater percentage.

The student’s performance, according to him, is very great and encouraging “we have some very intelligent students in this school. Looking at their examination indexes they scored very high marks. So, we believe that we are making good progress with the help from the materials resources, and so on that, we are getting from the donors.”

The principal alluded to the ongoing school feeding program saying “the donors will send money while the school authority will buy the items here for the feeding program.” 

He said it has made the students’ attendant impressive and “this we maintain.”

“On behalf of the school and community I thank them from the bottom of my heart because we know the satisfaction that we are deriving from their assistance,” the principal thanked the donors.

Musa D Sowe, science and agriculture teacher, and at the same time the head of the sports department appreciated their support to the school, especially to the sports section. He affirmed that they have donated some sporting materials to the school which includes 

over thirty balls, a set of two 

jerseys, and so on.