Tuesday, March 21

Serekunda West MP says Gambia future is not Bright

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By: Mustapha Jarju

Hon. Madi Ceesay, National Assembly Member for Serekunda West has said that the future of the Gambia is not bright noting that the ‘governance system is bad.’

Hon. Ceesay made this remark in a recent interface with the victims of the 22 years of dictatorship at West Field Youth Monument.

 “We are not giving that skill to the young ones all that we are teaching them is an office job and not all of us can fit in the offices, so we need to change that practical aspect of it,” he stressed.

Madi who is also a victim of dictatorship under former president Jammeh said, the education system in the country has to change if the country wants a brighter future for the Gambia and gives skills to the people by filling the gap in the education system. 

“Look at our system, what kind of education system we are having, what we are creating, are we creating people who can work by themselves, are we giving skill education that people can work without applying to the government! No,” 

Speaking on the government’s unnecessary expenditures Madi said, even agriculture which should feed the citizens is not guaranteed, saying “If there is enough support to the agriculture sector, there will be security and we will get the independent we need but if only 8% percent of our budget is given to agriculture again the future of our country is not bright.”

However, he added that the Gambia is spending over nine hundred million Dalasi in its existing foreign offices and now that is expanded to three more, and the president’s meet the people tour budget is expanded from six million dalasi to ten million dalasi.

He argued that “unless and until we can spend wisely the future of this country either it is security wise, economic wise is not bright, that’s the candid fact I can tell you,” Madi told the Victims.”