Saturday, March 25

Serrekunda market women applaud Mayor Bensouda for immense development of KMC

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Musa O. Bah

Serrekunda market women vendors have applauded Hon Talib Bensouda for bringing immense development to the municipality in his tenure in office which is about to end as the Local Government Election approaches.

The vendors quickly urged residents of KMC not to allow Mayor Bensouda to escape from the continued development of the municipality that he has started instead they should vote for him in mass for continuation.

They made these remarks during his constitutional mandatory tour that he commenced on Monday ahead of Local Government elections. 

 In an interview with The Voice newspaper, Fatou Fatty said the development that Mayor Talib Bensouda brings to different places in KMC is uncountable “he is a leader who wants the country to go forward based on the interest of Gambians.”

 She said Gambians should be aware now because if they allow him to escape from his development aspiration for the Kanifing Municipal “we will wake up at midnight and start searching for him as the way we want the former President Yahya Jammeh to come back.”

She added that the market was not hygienic but since Mayor Talib Ahamed Bensouda came into office the market was transformed hygienically with the environment and many vendors have places to sell compared to past years. 

“He provided drinkable water and for ablution to many places in the market, and also provided Toilets for the market,” she disclosed.

 Another Aja Ceesay described Mayor Bensouda as a painkiller that can cure all types of sickness saying he started curing the market vendors’ pains since the day he came into power in KMC. 

“Gambian people need someone like Bensouda to bring fast development to the country and empower youths of the country,” she added.

Meanwhile, she highlighted some of the challenges that vendors are facing in the market, saying they need many places where the youths can operate their business since it is very difficult to sell on the streets. 

“Talib Ahmed Bensouda will win the upcoming local government elections because he has shown his hard work to the Gambian people,” she expressed with confidence.