Sunday, December 10

Serrekunda West Nawettan Qualifiers Update

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By Arfang M.S. Camara

The Serrekunda West Sports developmental Organisation (SWESDO) has intensified with their ongoing nawettan qualifiers with many fixtures already been played at the Serrekunda West Mini-Stadium.

Ousman Sanyang, head coach of Stockholm FC stated that their ambition this year is to qualify to the Serrekunda West Nawettan proper after winning their opening qualifiers knockout game played over the weekend.

Stockholm FC beat Volcano4-2 in a post-match penalty shootout after a goalless draw in the regulation time during a game played at the Serrekunda West Mini-stadium on Friday.

“This is our second time participating in the Serrekunda West nawettan qualifiers. We were eliminated during our first appearance through a post-match penalty shootout,” he said.

According to him, they will go back to their training ground to work harder because they wouldn’t want to go back through a penalty shootout.

He added that they will improve on their offensive line in order to score goals during their next games, adding that their target is to qualify to the nawettan proper.

For his part, Gibriel Sarr, head coach of Volcano expressed disappointment at the final result, noting that this is football, win or lose.

“We fought very well to score during which we couldn’t and unfortunately we got eliminated through penalty shootout. I took it as luck wasn’t on our side,” he said.

According to him, luck was not on their side as they played very well during the game.

In the earlier games results

Bundas Kids 0-0 Panthers. Panthers 4-2 in a post-match penalty shootout.

Brusubi Eagles 0-0 Ngoyan. Brusubi Eagles won 5-3 in a post-match penalty shootout. German Boys 1-0 Benfica

West Coast 0-0 Kotu Future Stars. West Coast won 4-2 in a post-match penalty shootout. Celtic 1-0 Bena Kunda. Gai Jawara 3-0 Beach Bii. Jama Salam 2-0 EFFA Lions.

Parliament Yard 0-0 BK Borehole. Parliament Yard won 4-1 in a post-match penalty shootout. Sankung Sillah 1-0 Luzan. Fra Boys 1-0 Planet. Badala 0-0 U15. Badala won 5-4 on a post-match penalty. Real de Jeshwang 1-0 Soccer Star Utd.

Gilcok 2-0 Rich Gang. Ron Mango 2-0 IYF Academy. Cosmos 1-1 Fire Stone. Cosmos won 3-1 in a shootout. Southern 0-0 Future Stars. Southern won 5-4 in a post-match penalty shootout.

Nancy 0-0 Fajara Youths. Nancy 5-4 on penalty shootout. London City 1-0 Hamza. Stockholm FC 0-0 Volcano. Stockholm won 4-2 in a shootout. Kanifing South 0-0 Ron Mongo DK. Kanifing South 5-3 in shootout.

Winged Dream 1–1 Lamtoro. Winged Dream won 5-4 in a shootout. LK old Hands 0-0 Kanifing Estate. LK Hands won 4-2 in a shootout. SK Central 0-0 Laha Bii. SK Central won 5-3 in a shootout. Super Eagles 0-0 California. California won 5-4 in a shootout.