Friday, September 22

Sheikha Faal criticizes D2.5 million cost of the NAMs vehicle each

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By Binta Jaiteh

Following the ongoing debate on social media upon the arrival of NAMs vehicles, Sheikha Faal, a prominent opposition has criticized the D2.5 million cost of the National Assembly Members’ vehicle each.

In an interview with this medium, Sheikha Faal said the amount of money used by the government to purchase vehicles and their necessary cost in operation has become a scam to the taxpayers who in return benefit little or nothing from their sweat.

He added that in reality if you compare what the central government spent on vehicles, maintenance, and coupons cannot be near what the National Assembly is about to spend but what is wrong can never be right.

“If they claim to represent the people’s interest and putting the government to task I see no reason why they should accept such to happen. How can you regulate the government if you are taking 70% of your car cost from the people you are defending from corrupt government officials,” he stressed.

He argued that Gambians have forgotten so soon that it’s the same National Assembly that took cars from the President without due process. “If you have a parliament that has Hon Fabakary Tombong Jatta as the speaker, Hons Seedy Njie, and Kebba Lang Fofona as part of those nominated you could only expect the worst.”

Faal further said the Gambia is doomed and only a miracle can happen for the country to prosper, adding in this current situation it’s senseless for an amount of D2.5 million to be allocated for vehicles alone.

Meanwhile, Faal questioned the vehicles bought in 2018, noting he did not say parliamentarians should not have vehicles but the argument is the amount which made Gambians make noise.

Anyway, “I did not expect them to say otherwise because they knew what they wanted and as far as it benefits them they will defend it.” He added.