Sunday, January 29

Sheikhna Faal Frowns at Gov’t silence over the Foni incident

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By: Nyima Sillah

The Press Secretary of the Gambia Action Party, Sheikhna Faal has frowned at the government over the death of Yankuba Jarju who was shot to death by the Senegalese forces about a week ago.

Speaking to The Voice Faal said its four years now since the ECOMIG soldiers murdered Haruna Jatta, a native of Foni and since then the government has not taken any action to hold the Ecomig forces responsible for their irresponsible action to bring justice and closure to the family of the late Haruna Jatta.

“Yankuba Jarjue who lost his life in the hands of the Senegalese soldiers is just the latest of such brutality that keeps repeating itself and all we would hear from now to the end of time will be, we are investigating the matter. How long do Gambians have to go through such scenarios that keep repeating over and over again while the president is lip-tied over the matter because he thinks he is protected by the Ecomig forces,” he stressed.

Faal stressed that the loss of a single Gambian is a loss to the entire country, alleging that the sovereignty of the Gambia is now transferred to Senegal since the country cannot have its own security to protect its citizens.

He also challenged the national assembly to address this situation to ensure the Senegalese forces are out of the country now since they are not under the command of Ecomig anymore, saying this was a special arrangement between Presidents Barrow and Macky Sall.

“The agreement makes no sense to the Gambians nor those it favors Gambians. The only person that benefit is Barrow and his close associate for their own protection,”