Tuesday, June 6

Sheikhna Faal urges Gambians to deprive NPP of governing councils, municipalities

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By Binta Jaiteh

Sheikhna Faal, Press Secretary of the Gambia Action Party has appealed to Gambians to deprive National Peoples Party of governing Municipalities and Councils in the upcoming local government elections, saying if not, more calamity and hardship will continue to befall the country. 

In an interview with this reporter, he said “I have been quiet for a long time due to the atmosphere of the country. The reality in this country is that we are not serious as a nation neither our government nor the political leaders.

“I recently spoke with Madi Jobarteh about his quietness for a while and the responses he gave are the realities of this country, the electorates are the only ones who can change the country through voting wisely,” he stated.

He added that just recently reports were published in Media about the issue of the population census which has been postponed due to financial constraints. 

According to GBOS, he said, the census will still hold but on a different date which just reminded him of how unserious the country is. 

“If it is postponed they should issue correct data that is available that represent our modern-day realities. These are questions that one should ask because I don’t believe they are ever accurate,” he claimed.

Faal stressed that the programs mean for few individuals tap into funds for their personal gain while the job is not according to the right way.

Meanwhile, he said the President has inaugurated new buses but no one knows how it has been procured and how long will the buses serve the people.

“In developing and competent countries a President doesn’t hold such ceremonies especially the current status of the country it is only in Gambia you see a President traveling to Basse with the whole civil service just to inaugurate a market. However, this government is not ready to fight poverty and corruption knowingly that it is the tool they use which made them remain in power but time will tell,” he strongly criticized.