Wednesday, September 27

Sheikhnal Faal advises Dou Sanno to stop throwing words at opposition parties

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By Binta Jaiteh

Sheikhna Faal, the Press Secretary of the Gambia Action Party has urged Dou Sanno, the Presidential Adviser to concentrate and advise President Barrow accordingly on how to deal with the current affairs of the country and stop throwing unnecessary words at the opposition parties.

He rendered him this advice following a reaction to an audio spreading across the country.

In an interview with this medium, he outlined that fighting corruption in the country would be a marathon run due to the infightings amongst the people saying as Gambia’s position as far as corruption is concerned is very poor.

‘’I must admit that it is the fault of the Gambians that our leaders are becoming dictators because we worship them by giving them the utmost powers, so this is the reason why they don’t care about our welfare as electorates, ‘’ he said.

“They should be the ones providing our needs, As taxpayers, we should at least enjoy the benefit of the paid tax, Gambians are going through hard moments such as price hikes, economic bankruptcy, rent, and now the flood disaster. The most annoying part is that how can a Government spend millions of taxpayers’ money on the Banjul project and yet we encounter flood every year,” he argued.

‘’If the Government did not make proper preparation ahead to make sure this kind of flood disaster is mitigated our country will continue to face flood challenges’’ he persisted in his argument.

However, he indicated that physical planning is another institution that should be blamed for the mess people are facing today, while he stressed that Dou Sanno should spare them with his propaganda and tell his boss to react and save the Gambian people since they elect him to rule the country.