Sunday, November 27

Shine Light in Girls Education Commemorates International Girl Child’s Day

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By Nicholas Bass

Shine Light in Girls Education The Gambia, on Tuesday, the 11th of October 2022 celebrated International Girl Child’s right day at King Solomon Bar and Restaurant, Brusubi .

Mr. Ebrima Njie Fadera, the Chairman of Shine Light in Girls’ Education in his opening statement during the commemoration of International  Girl Child’s Day said the celebration aimed at promoting girls’ rights in education as they look forward to engaging policymakers in gender-based violence and create awareness in girls rights and their responsibilities in the society.

Mrs. Isabel Kiefer, the president of Shine Light in Girls’ Education Germany, a guest speaker, deliberated on the theme – Our time is now Our rights, Our future noting that girls are equal to boys.

She went on to say to the girls, “Our time is now-Our right, Our future can be realized if we believe in ourselves more than the words of others and you should start doing what you suppose to do in your ways.’’ International girl child’s day is bigger than what we can ever imagine in the Gambia for it gives us an understanding of the girls’ rights to basic needs like education, health, access to electricity, and the right to decide when to get married.

‘’It is your right to gender equality and the right to be well educated just like you can only breathe for today which implies that your right is now for your future ‘’, she stressed.

Nuha f. Korta the legal adviser of Shine Light in Education, The Gambia said the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution 66/117 on the 19th December 2021 and designated 11th October for the international girl child.

He added that the United Nations realised that girls globally were facing physical and mental problems where girls’ rights were not respected.” It is realised that girls globally were denied quality education which has brought about a high rate of sexual violence, early marriage, and teenage pregnancy “he stated.

Mariama Manneh, one of the participants from Brikama noted that it is their right to have equal opportunities with boys and men both in terms of education and in every area of life. “It is our right to be educated, right to our body and it is our right to be given equal opportunities with men irrespective of age, size, color, status gender, and nationality “she noted.

Amie Manga also stated that now is the time for the girl child to be educated to achieve their goals.