Wednesday, November 30

Shine Light in Girls Education Organization donates school materials to 67 Students

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By Binta Jaiteh

Shine Light in Girls Organization, a voluntary organization assisting young girls in their academics donated school materials to 67 students sponsored by the Germans.

Since its inception, the foundation has supported 6 girls in 2020, 44 in 2021, and 67 in 2022 to shape the long-term girls’ education crisis.

Speaking during the presentation held at the Brikama Bottrop Kindergarten School, Brikama, the President of the organization Ebrima Fadera said it is a popular adage that “if you educate a girl child, you have educated the whole nation including everyone in the developmental sectors of our societies” it might be hard to believe but we still live in a world where girls everywhere are fighting to have their voices heard,” he noted

According to him, unless and until such issues are addressed with the cultural norms and practices that devalue girls’ intelligence, which silences their voice and limit their ambition.

He said educating a girl child is not only about resources but it’s about our attitude and beliefs about the roles of women in all forms of social-economical development.

He stated that Shine Light in Girls’ Education (SLIGE) is an initiative aimed at creating a conducive environment, where girls and women can fully explore their potential to enhance their participation in all forms of the social, economical, political and spiritual activity of society.

“Indeed, over the past 3 years, we have been working tremendously to support parents in their efforts to get their girls into school by providing school supplies noting that this initiative aims to encourage and facilitate the schooling of girls, especially the most marginalized among them, to offer everyone the same chances of success in life” he retaliated

Furthermore, he added that for this official presentation ceremony, 134 shoes, 134 bags, books, pencils, set-box, calculators and pens and so on were distributed to 67 girls in 3 different regions in the Gambia. WCR, LRR and CRR with the hope that these school supplies will help relieve them of the costs associated with the start of the school year.

However, as active partners in the developmental sectors, girls’ education has shaped and molded society by providing good professionalism and awareness to the nation. Educated girls do not only help their societies with solving problems, but they create avenues to avoid the numerous difficulties in their communities.

He, therefore, called parents to believe that their daughters are worthy and capable of changing the narrative.

Amie Manga, a beneficiary said through their support and generosity, they continue to receive educational supplies.

She noted that over the years they have received educational supplies as well as cash support which they used for their daily school activities, “I am happy to be part of the beneficiaries. Indication of your strive and resolve to shape the lives of the underprivileged in society.”

She assured the organization that the materials donated will be handled properly as expected and their performance will improve greatly. She thanked everyone who came to grace this significant occasion.