Monday, December 4

Shine Light in Girls’ Education presents School Materials to 70 Girls

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By Mustapha Jarju

Shine Light in Girls’ Education (SLGE), on Saturday, 7th October 2023 presented school materials to seventy (70) girls from different schools within the West Coast Region (WCR).

The handing-over ceremony was held at the BotropKindergarten Nursery School in Kembujeh. 

These seventy beneficiaries received school bags, books, school shoes, and writing materials as well as sets of uniforms from the donor as part of their efforts to help them pursue their academic goals in early education. 

Tijan Fadera, a regional coordinator of Lower River Region (LRR), speaking at the presentation of the items, said such support for girls will enhance their school performance. 

He added that “Shine Light in Girls’ Education (SLGE) supports families implement the principles and right to education, especially for girls in observation of equality of all beings as stated in the constitution and the International Laws.”

He further stated that they provide the necessary support to school girls, especially the marginalized girls and that the organization provides timely monitoring of students in their respective regions or schools to ensure quality is provided regarding their performance. 

Mr. Fadera thanked the parents for their continued efforts in ensuring that the rules of the organization in providing the needs of the school-going girls are followed at all times. 

Sarata Ceesay, the Youth Representative of the Shine Light organization acknowledged that by giving support to the girl child one is empowering the whole nation and that is what her organization is doing by empowering girls, by giving girls’ school materials to empower their school academic work. 

Miss Sarata advised the sponsored girls to study hard to ensure the support given to them doesn’t go to vain, and also to maintain discipline to achieve their targeted goals.

Ebrima Fadera, the President of the Shine Light in Girls’ Education noted that in 2021 his organization gave support to 47 girls, and in 2022 they were able to give support to 67 girls now in 2023 the organization was able to reach out to support 70 marginalized girls in West Coast Region.

“We understand that education is not just about textbooks and classrooms but is about a comfortable mind and the environment, that’s why we provide each of our girls with two sets of uniforms, two bags, two pairs of shoes, textbooks, exercise books, pen, pencils, set box, color, a calculator and a nutrition of a lunch,” he outlined the items.