Tuesday, December 6

Shopkeepers bemoan About armed robbers

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By Sainabou Sanneh & Musa O Bah

It is becoming a recurring nightmare for scores of shopkeepers who are complaining over the continuous visiting of some hooligans they described as armed robbers that always invade shops threatening of harming and forcefully take away their money and goods.

In an interview with some of these shopkeepers in Latrikunda, Mr Amadou shared his experience saying he started with a small-scale business where he was struggling to manage himself but unfortunately he got robbed and that cost him a huge loss and a setback from expanding his shop as he wants.

“I struggled and had some little engagements in selling bitter kola nuts and basic essential goods,” he explained

He continued that “hence I was a victim I know how an individual feels when he/she is in such a situation. Let the police help us in terms of active patrol. Though it is not only the shopkeepers that suffer but also those who go for night shift jobs, they find it very hard due to the attack from these criminals at night, especially.”

Fatoumatta Bah also expressed her concern saying that security should be a concern to everyone and let the young people look for a way forward to build up themselves rather than becoming criminals “because they are the leaders of tomorrow. They should set a good example rather than messing up their lives.”