Saturday, January 28

Sidiya Bayo calls for a cabinet reshuffle

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Bayo made these remarks recently at a local hotel in Kololi, Senegambia.

The former anti Yahya Jammeh advocate is of the view that the incumbent needs a cabinet that is capable of advocating for his agenda better.

Mr. Bayo claimed there are lots of challenges in the country and he will continue to tell the president of the Republic the truth even though he is an ardent supporter. He thinks some of the challenges could be mitigated if a new team of the cabinet that will sell the president’s agenda better is appointed.

“Strongly believe that the President of the Republic has a moral duty to properly organise the next presidential election with the best team possible. And I strongly believe that we can do better than the current team.

He went on: “This is why I believe that it becomes necessary for him to appoint, as soon as possible, a new cabinet, capable among other things of defending the balance sheet of the incumbent.”

He added, “I am for a cabinet reshuffle with a majority of ministers capable of meeting the expectations and aspirations of our citizens. That is why it would be required for the president to bring new skills from diverse backgrounds, ready to meet the numerous challenges.”

He cited the Scorpion’s boycotting a meeting with the president as an example while urging the government to do more on the matter.

He spoke of the president appointing the right minister for the right ministries. However, when asked if he could mention a ministry that is led by a wrong minister, the businessman declined to comment, saying the presser wasn’t meant for criticism.

Meanwhile, Bayo expressed empathy with the victims of the recent windstorm that took 11 lives and destroyed materials worth millions of dalasis. He applauded the National Disaster Management Agency for their swift action after the disaster struck.

He also commended the government for deploying the army to arrest the issue of insecurity in the country.