Tuesday, October 3

Solo Bojang, others to help gov’t indentify sites for exhumation of victims

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The government has accepted it would locate Solo Bojang and other perpetrators to help in identifying sites for the exhumation of victims of extrajudicial killings for proper identification and handing-over to family members for burial.

This came on the heels of an admonition to the government by the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission.

While reiterating its acceptance of this, the Barrow administration went further to disclose that the soon to be established Special Prosecutors Office will seek international mutual legal assistance to locate Solo Bojang as well as other perpetrators and ensure their cooperation in identifying the burial sites of missing persons, it added.

The TRRC uncovered a wide range of killings carried by the Junglers reportedly by orders of former President Jammeh, which were beyond the dictates and confinement of the law.

It found out that most of the victims of these illegal killings and executions by the Junglers were dumped inside a well or buried in horrible ways that do not align with human dignity.

Thus, the commission deemed it necessary to ensure the exhumation of the bodies of victims to ascertain their identities and hand them over to their individual families for proper burial.

The government agrees to conduct further investigations into the killings of Mariama Camara and Alpha Jallow with a view to prosecuting those found responsible. It says it will refer this case to the Special Prosecutor’s Office that is to be established.

The truth commission found out that Mariama Camara and Alpha Jallow were killed at Hamza Barracks. There were speculations surrounding their death with some suggesting they committed suicide.

The commission, however, could not reach a conclusion on how the duo died.