Wednesday, March 22

Solo Sandeng Foundation begins 3-day Photo Exhibition

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By Sainabou Sanneh

The late Solo Sandeng foundation on Monday 13th  February 2023 had an exhibition on tortured victims at the Westfield youth monument to advocate on victims torture under the former President Jammeh.

Speaking at the event the son of late Solo Sandang, Muhammed Sandeng said, the exhibition of torture on victims is to remember the alleged victimisation of the previous regime of Yahya Jammeh that lasted for 22yrs, as part of the transitional justice process victims issue remain a plight of the organization.

Mr. Sandeng said the exhibition is an aspect of making sure that what had happened in the past is being told and remain as a story in the memory of in order to influence changes in different dimension.

“Today we are here opening this exhibition that is a part of our advocacy strategies to actually advocate for non-recurrence through the creation of awareness creation,”Mr. Sandeng said.

He further went on to say that they are highlighting the tortures that had happened and the life impact that it has on victims.

“The Solo Sandeng Foundation taught it very important to add our voice to the advocacy for the torture bill and also for creating sanity between the experiences that we have during the transitional justice process to be in our constitution as well as creating progressive laws as we go on our transition process.”

The representative from the Human Rights Commission explained its commitment and mandate to the implementation of the TRRC report.

  NHRC Deputy Chair also added that the security sector reform which the government is pushing forward should be prioritised, while calling for the implementation for the torture bill.

She also reminded the Victims about the promise given by the Minister of Justice of bringing the perpetrators to book.