Wednesday, November 29

Sonko not eligible for presidency – Dakar Supreme Court

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On admissibility of the Judicial Agent, the Supreme Court declared that “the Judicial Agent is admissible” and justified in representing the State in the electoral dispute in question, a significant recognition which consolidates the role of this key player in disputes of this nature. 

About jurisdiction of the Ziguinchor District Court, the Supreme Court ruled that the Ziguinchor District Court has jurisdiction. This decision was motivated by the justification of the Judge of Ziguinchor himself, thus affirming the validity of his jurisdiction in this electoral matter.

On lack of justification on the meaning of the decision – a crucial point raised by the Supreme Court concerns the Ziguinchor judge’s lack of justification regarding the meaning of his decision – the Court considered that this lack of clarification required a reassessment of the initial decision.

Referring to cassation and referral to the Tgihcd, the Supreme Court consequently decided to overturn and annul the decision of the Ziguinchor Court, ordering the referral of the case to the (High Court of Dakar). This step marks a significant turning point in the ongoing legal process and raises questions about the next steps in this case.

In the same vein, the ECOWAS Court of Justice has also ruled in favor of the Senegalese government.  The court on Friday approved the dissolution of the Pastef Party, and refrained from commenting on the removal of Paa Thiokh.