Tuesday, March 21

Soriba tips NPP candidates as best for councils –

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By: Nyima Sillah

Ebrima Soriba, former Secretary General of Gambia for Five Years tipped NPP candidates to be the best to occupy the councils’ political positions in the councils saying it would be in the best interest of Gambians to have the ruling party (NPP) in charge of the councils. 

 “Returning the incumbent (UDP) to the councils would be detrimental as it would only help to fuel the rivalry, the party politics. And confrontation that exists will continue to exist between them as they will continue to witch hunt each other. Also, most of their time shall be spent on fanning a war or welfare that would not be in the interest of the electorate,” he claimed.

He stressed that the last two years had changed nothing in the councils if not worsened the relationship between NPP and UDP on daily bases, adding the country needs to have a uniform government service from both the Government and the local councils for any other party.

“NPP is the ruling party in charge of the government it would be for the benefit of the people to have the NPP in charge of the councils for uniformity. Thus, I am not suggesting that the oppositions do not have the rights to be voted for,” he noted. 

However, he advised all opposition parties to work parallel, and embrace government policy guidelines for the betterment of the country.