Tuesday, May 30

Space of women in public office shrinking at all levels, says Yadicon Njie Eribo –

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By: Nyima Sillah

Mrs. Yadicon Njie Eribo, a concerned citizen has disclosed that the situation of women in public office continues to shrink at all levels.

Speaking to this medium recently after the nomination of candidates for the mayoral, and chairmanship positions for the upcoming elections, Ma’am Yadicon expressed her concern over low numbers of women’s representation saying “The space of women in public office continues to shrink at all levels. Advocates for improved participation of women in public office and leadership roles need to double efforts to encourage the interest of more women in these roles.”

However, she added that the civil society coalition on the election made some recommendations to the IEC for general improvements to the election process. She added that it also specified certain equipment needs upgrades for improved efficiency and release of results.

 Meanwhile, she said the political atmosphere is charged with Municipal election fever, adding candidates are making their final campaign pitches to the electorates for the upcoming election scheduled for May 20th.

“All elections are partisans, and this is not different. The only incident of hate speech is that of a local Muslim cleric regarding the issue of wearing veils in some Christian and faith-based schools. The underlying suit was heard last week on May 4th and has been adjourned for till June 20, 2023.”

 She further extended a piece of general advice to the electorates to go out and vote for their choice of nominated candidates and also to conduct and support a free and fair election, while the IEC should exercise their mandate with due diligence and in accordance with the law.