Wednesday, October 4

SSHFC assures immediate action to mitigate flood calamity in Jabang Estate

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Top officials of the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) on Friday visited flood victims at the Jabang Housing Estate amid severe flooding that affected about 30 households.
The visit was to enable the officials of SSHFC, being the sole owner of the Estate, to meet with the residents and discuss the calamity and immediate action to remedy the situation.

The visit was also to have first-hand information and assess the magnitude of the damages caused by the heavy downpour and find short term solutions to mitigate the effects.

Speaking at the site during the visits Mr. Abdou Sillah, director of Housing at SSHFC, said the magnitude of the flood this year is immeasurable and very disastrous, which he said, has gone beyond SSHFC, and that it requires collective action and collaboration with other stakeholders to remedy the situation.

He confirmed that the residents of Jabang Estate are really suffering due to the flood and the situation “is horrible and unbearable” for the fact that over thirty households are “seriously affected” by the flood.

Mr. Sillah also apologised to the residents of Jabang Estate for their late visit due to other “official engagements.” He spoke about the damages caused by the flood and assured of SSHFC collaboration with other government agency stakeholders like the NRA.

“NDMA will do all it can to take immediate action to remedy the situation.”

Speaking during the visit, the chairperson of JHEDA, Fallu Sowe, revealed that over 30 households were affected and were homeless.

Mr. Sowe expressed dismay and sadness over the flood saying this could have been prevented had SSHFC responded to their request for the past three years.

“Today, over 30 households are really suffering and this cannot continue.” He challenged the SSHFC to take immediate action in addressing their concerns.

SSHFC’s corporate affairs officer, Fabuka Njaay, assured the residents of Jabang that SSHFC would work closely in collaboration with other partners such as NDMA and NRA to take immediate action to remedy the situation.

Demba D. Sonko, a resident of Jabang Estate, expressed disappointment for lack of concern by SSHFC to address their concerns at the estate. He complained bitterly about lack of drainage and poor road network.