Tuesday, October 3

SSHFC top officials visit Jabang Estate

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By Isatou Jalllow

Top officials of the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC), on Friday, visited the affected flood victims at the Jabang Housing Estate.

The visit allowed the officials of SSHFC the sole owner of the Estate to meet with the residents of the Estate and discuss the flooding incident and find immediate action to remedy the terrible situation.

The SSHFC delegation was led by the director of housing Abdou Sillah on behalf of the Managing Director, accompanied by the director of communication Fabuka Njie and Edu Gomez senior staff of the SSHFC.

The flood has affected over thirty households, rendered others homeless, and caused the closedown of one of the praying mosques in Jabang Estate.

Giving an account of the rain, an eyewitness said some compounds that are located in the low land area are deeply into the swamp, struggling with heavy stagnant water with fewer sewages to enable the water to pass through, waterways have been major issues in the Estate. The said estate needs proper drainage system in place to avoid blockage of running water in the Estate.

Speaking during the site visit, Mr. Abdou Sillah, director of Housing at SSHFC said the purpose of the visits was to show Solidarity with the affected victims and also to discuss with them what can be done as an immediate action to mitigate the flood in the Estate.

According to Mr. Sillah the magnitude of the flood this year is very unmeasurable and disastrous that has gone beyond SSHFC, which requires collective action and collaboration with other stakeholders to remedy the situation.

He confirmed that residents of Jabang Estate are really suffering due to the flood and the situation is horrible and unbearable for the fact that over thirty households are seriously affected by the flood.

Mr. Sillah apologised to the residents on behalf of the Management of the SSHFC for the late visit due to other official engagements. He expressed shock over the damages caused by the flood and assured that SSHFC in collaboration with other government agencies and stakeholders like NRA, and NDMA will do all possible to take immediate action to remedy the situation.

Other speakers during the visit to the estate include Chairperson of JHEDA, Fallu Sowe; Mr Fabuka Njaay, Director of Cooperate Affairs SSHFC; and Demba D Sonko, Seedy Ceesay resident of Jabang Estate and Ousman Njie among others residents.