Friday, March 31

State asks to serve Ms. Kebbeh over money laundering charges

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The State has been given the green light to serve Khadijah Kebbeh with information regarding the four-count theft and money laundering charges brought against her.

State Counsel L. Jarju was on Monday morning at the Banjul High Court to apply for service of the information sheet to Ms. Kebbeh.

Counsel Jarju earlier told the high court that “the State has a four-count indictment of stealing and money laundering” against Khadija Kebbeh.

However, the presiding judge, Justice Akokombo, observed that there was no indication that Ms. Kebbeh had been served with the information sheet.

Consequently, counsel Jarju applied for “personal service” of the information sheet to the defendant and this was granted.

The case has been adjourned to 16 February 2023.