Wednesday, December 6

State Files Indictment Against Senior Health Official  For Misappropriation Funds

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Prosecutors at the Attorney General’s Chambers have filed an indictment against three senior government officials from the Ministry of Health in connection with the 2018 global.

The officials are: Muhammadou Lamin Jaiteh, permanent secretary, Balla Kandeh, programme manager, malaria control programme, and Omar Malleh Ceesay, the executive director of HePDO.

  The charges brought against these individuals include a wide range of offences, including official corruption, economic crimes, theft, forgery, and conspiracy, all of which are connected to the utilisation of the 2018 Global Funds grant allocated to the Ministry of Health.

 Investigators said the indictment serves as a significant step in the fight against corruption and the pursuit of justice and accountability within the public sector, particularly in relation to the proper and transparent utilization of public funds.

 The indictment came following an audit exercise, the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with the Gambia Police Force, conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations, ensuring that due process and the principles of justice were upheld throughout the process. 

According to the   state prosecutors, the upcoming legal proceedings will provide an opportunity for all parties involved to present their cases, and the accused individuals will be accorded their full legal rights and entitlements. The government reaffirms its commitment to ensuring a fair, transparent, and impartial legal process.

Though no date has been set aside yet for their appearance before a competence court of law for the full hearing of the case.